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D.J. Packages

All of our D.J. packages include:

  • D.J.’s with over 25 years of professional experience
  • Top quality equipment
  • Custom cases for all equipment provide a professional look.
  • D.J.’s dressed in formal attire.

Prices may vary based on location and date so for an exact quote please call or email us with your location, date, number of guests along with the number of hours for your event.

Special rates for non-weddings, weekdays, select dates & last-minute events.
Packages can be arranged per hour if needed.
Light Shows can be added separately.

Please note: all events are set up before guests arrive so there is no charge for cocktail or dinner music. (up to 3 hours) Additional time available upon request.

Lighting Packages

Music Creations also offers the newest in lighting and special effects that you must see to believe. If you are interested in lighting, we have a package that is right for you. Light shows are optional and can be tailored to fit your needs.

Please visit our Youtube page or Instagram page to see live samples of many of our lightshows.

#1 Basic Lighting Package - $100
Includes 3 to 4 standard effect lights or uplights.
Just enough to create a nice dance experience without being overwhelming.

View Video sample


#2 Deluxe Lighting Package - $250
The Deluxe Package combines dance effects with uplighting.

Includes 4 standard moving heads, 4 fully wireless uplights (up to 10 available) + additional effects.

A combination of ambient lighting with tasteful dance floor effects. Out most popular package!

View Video sample
View Video sample

View Video sample


#3 Uplighting Package - $250
The Uplighting Package is designed to give decorative light to the room.

Includes 10 uplights + starball effect.
Very simple and clean.

View Video sample


#4 Ambiance Lighting Package - $350
The Ambiance Package combines high powered effects, uplighting with optional custom gobos.

Featuring 2 controllable high powered intelligent moving heads with decorative gobos, 6 uplights + additional effects. A custom gobo is a great addition to this package!

Designed as ambient lighting with optional controllable patterns and beams that light up the walls, dance floor or ceiling.

View Video sample
View Video sample

View Video sample


#5 Ultimate Lighting Package - $750
Full nightclub envirionment featuring an array of intellegent moving heads, roboscans, uplighting, lasers and more!

Ideal for larger venues for a nightclub like experience.

View Video sample
View Video sample


Atmospheric Effects - Fog, Haze or bubbles availalbe with any lighting package.

Additional effects and/or uplighting can be added upon request.
Please call or write for more info.

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